As far as building relationships with your fans, if you were in the crowd for a band's program, would not you be far more likely to come to another show if the band members engaged you in some enjoyable discussion later on? If you get your fans on your email list, you can continue the relationship, by providing them cool things in your emails.

To help please the internet and the magnificent "King Google" I'm positioning much more emphasis on material based music marketing. You have actually seen that I'm doing YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Facebook pages, and blog posts.

When you publish ask then to comment and make sure that you take part the conversation before it dies. Share your YouTube videos, article, new songs, visitor blog posts and never post any crap on there at all.

Individuals think that there is some big trick to this stuff and if they can simply discover it whatever will be OKAY and the record labels will take care of them.

That's substantial for us musicians! Facebook enables you to produce Ad Pages to promote your band and welcome "good friends" to upcoming gigs. Tweeting with Twitter will enable you to acquire a following through music distribute contests such as "Call this next tune and we'll shoot you a free.mp3 of it". MySpace, iTunes, Amazon, CD Infant all allow you to sell your music on their websites. Which's simply .